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Big-haired, full-figured Helen Kendall happily runs the show at Pick’n Pay in Forsyth, Georgia — until sleazy David Hoffman becomes assistant manager. Helen enlists her sister, Mavis, to get him fired.

Then a casket of drugs and money turns up in the Pick’n Pay, and undercover DEA Agent Dewey Blackmon roars into town. As Forsyth rocks and rolls in criminal activity, can the agent, a ghost and the sisters foil the money laundering scheme?

First place winner in the Public Safety Writers Association unpublished fiction category.


“Well of Rage”

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Police recruit Carly Redmund, is about to mess up her first crime scene in Mobile, Alabama.

She’s found evidence of a murder — a high school class ring — in the bottom of a well. Her training officer, J.C.  Grey, orders her to hand it over. Then he pockets it.
When a news van pulls in, Carly  learns that bones in the well may be those of Terence, a missing black kid from the 1970s. Grey tells her to keep her mouth shut.
What she doesn’t know is that a white supremacist group is involved.

 It is not surprising that a retired police officer has written this since it is wonderfully realistic …. An unremitting examination of how race plays such an overwhelming role in the life of a small southern city. …You will find “Well of Rage” endlessly fascinating.

Dr. Richard Funderburke


Well of Rage by Lynn Hesse is a riveting police thriller filled with drama and suspense. It carries readers on a fast-paced, intense journey for justice … It will keep you turning pages until the very end.

Red City Review

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Interview with Lynn: Words Off the Street with host BJ Schneider.

 Well of Rage is a fast-moving, suspenseful story of a determined police recruit taking on Mobile’s most powerful politicians… Readers are going to want to hear more from Officer Carly Redmund.

Jaclyn Weldon White, author of “Whisper to the Black Candle” and “Sidetracked”

What a great read! I loved the authenticity of the characters and the setting was really quite wonderful.

Lisa M. Peck

Well of Rage”is dynamite! Fast-paced and action-packed, it probes the depths of racial hatred that still persist… Hesse draws on her own experience as a detective. A great read.

Jennie Helderman, award-winning author of “As the Sycamore Grows”

Riveting story of female rookie cop struggling to solve a decades old racially motivated murder.

Cheryl Snapperman

Sharply-honed characters… A page-turning and enjoyable read.

Author Ruth Gresh